7 Free and Very Useful Prestashop Modules you must install

7 Prestashop Modules Free

Here is a list of 7 most useful and absolutely free Prestashop Modules that you can install to take your site to a new level.

Without further adieu lets start

  1. Social Network Links by mypresta.eu  It is a useful social media module that hooks nicely on the top left with a lot of options of social networks. See LIVE website with this module.
  2. Sliders Everywhere by Syncrea.  Also features many options to hook and shortcodes also. See LIVE example.
  3. HTML box by mypresta.eu It is useful to add an html box in only one place and can prove handy to insert initial adsense code and later on adsense code on homepage in footer. See LIVE ad in footer.
  4. Mack Stores module advertise in right side v1.1 – by Integrate the Google Adsense script into your shop by www.mackstores.com .See LIVE ad on the right side column of the website ( most portion ) i don’t like columns on index page. See LIVE
  5. Advertising block v0.10.1 – by PrestaShop Adds an advertisement block to selected sections of your e-commerce website. See LIVE all the way on the bottom left column.
  6. Mack Stores module Google advertise in the CENTER v1.1 – by Integrate the Google Adsense script in the center into your shop by www.mackstores.com See LIVE on the homepage.
  7. PS Snow Fall v1.0 – by Nemo Adds a falling snow effect to your show. Nevertheless a fun module.

Bonus Module Gmaps … Search and enjoy the free module for giving out the map of your store in footer.

Hope you like the list and Stay Tuned for more Prestashop Tips.


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