A Chinese emperor known for his foul temper entered the bedroom of his soon-to-be-bride, who was one
of the most beautiful women in all of China. She was being made to marry him against her will, as her
parents were forcing her into it. Little did the emperor know however that she had also been taught by
wise sages as a child. She sat expressionless, staring at the wall.
“Hello, pretty,” he said to her, but she didn’t respond.
“I said hello to you, and you will respond when I address you, do you understand me??” he snarled. But
still, she didn’t reply.
Most people would have answered him by now, so despite himself he grew curious, and gruffly asked,
“What is it you are thinking?”
Finally she answered him. “Two things. One, that I do not wish to marry you because you are so callous
and mean-spirited. And the other thing, is that I was wondering if you have it within your power to have a
certain something changed.”
“What?!” the emperor exclaimed with outrage. “You bitch! How dare you question my authority! … But … I
admit I’m curious. Since I have it within my power to snap my fingers and whatever I command within my
kingdom will be obeyed, what is it you are wondering if I could change?”
“Your attitude,” she replied. And with that she got up and walked out of the room, leaving him in stunned

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