Online Retailing Experience on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is no less than a treat for the sellers , immaterial of the fact whether you are selling on small, medium or large scale. When you sell on a platform which is catering to more than 10 crore of customer base, your products  are bound to be seen and get an exposure which is much wider than any offline retail store located at any given prime commercial location. I would try to put forth the little known inside benefits that sellers get when selling on Amazon

First, the customer base that you can get as a seller on Amazon is very vast as compared to what you get sitting in an offline store. So there you have an advantage selling on Amazon.

Second, the recurring cost or the fixed monthly expenses. You can simply start with a godown, no need of fancy expensive showcases. Moreover you cut on the miscellaneous expenses of shop rent, office boy, cleaner, showcasing etc.


Third, Branding and Marketing. You don’t have to pay hefty amount on the brand building of your products as once you start selling on Amazon, brand gets automatically attached to it. If you still want to boost up your sales you can always go for promotional campaigns which are nominally priced.

Fourth, seller friendly online interface, 24*7 seller support, trainings, campaigns, inventory management, frequent payouts are some of the key features that make selling on Amazon an altogether delightful experience.

Fifth, FBA i.e. Fulfilled by Amazon is one prime seller feature that takes away all your selling worries and you can simply enjoy the profit making.

So what are you waiting for, go create your seller profile now and start selling!!

Should you face any difficulty refer to the following link for easy Amazon listing tutorial.


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