The Earthquake

One day there was an earthquake that shook the entire Zen temple. Parts of it even collapsed! Many of
the monks were terrified.
When the earthquake stopped the teacher said, “Now you have had the opportunity to see how a Zen
man behaves in a crisis situation. You may have noticed that I did not panic. I was quite aware of what
was happening and what to do. I led you all to the kitchen, the strongest part of the temple. It was a good
decision, because you see we have all survived without any injuries. However, despite my self-control
and composure, I did feel a little bit tense – which you may have deduced from the fact that I drank a large
glass of water, something I never do under ordinary circumstances.”
One of the monks smiled, but didn’t say anything.
“What are you laughing at? asked the teacher.
“That wasn’t water,” the monk replied, “it was a large glass of soy sauce.”

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