Zen Stories


They say “Common sense is wisdom with its sleeves rolled up.” The most precious gift that we can give to our children is making them realize the importance of common sense. Zen Stories is a list of anecdotes to share with your children, friends, neighbors and all those who matter.

Zen Ebullient, collection of short stories that tickle your funny bones & spark some thought provoking learning to help you stay in unconstrained happiness. Great Conversation starters.

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  1. Black Nosed Buddha
  2. Delicious
  3. Destiny
  4. Goldfish
  5. Horse Tail
  6. Knowing Fish
  7. Mix-Up
  8. Mule Kick
  9. Nature’s Beauty
  10. Obsessed
  11. Scorpio
  12. Yes Face
  13. Balance of Nature
  14. Dodging End
  15. Heart of Mouse
  16. Religious Significance
  17. Carrying in the Mind
  18. Enlightenment after Death
  19. Whispers from the Universe ( Inspirational Quotes Straight from the Universe) *Strongly Recommended
  20. Just two words
  21. Idiot’s Guide to a Frugal Life ( Amazing collection of Quotations inspiring to live a frugal life ) * Suggested Read.
  22. Jump Jump Frog
  23. StoneCutter
  24. Disgust
  25. Dragon Slayer
  26. The Earthquake
  27. Lame Magic
  28. Ripped VeilĀ ( Bonus Story ‘TRAP’ )
  29. Attitude
  30. Glass and Lake